I am glad to welcome you on OTAM new website

The rebranding of the website has an aim of gathering all the ICT engineers, businessmen, investors, specialists, researchers and developers on this platform to demonstrate our firm belief that the future of the Republic of Mauritius hinges on the country becoming a technology powerhouse. Technology has the strength to change the people’s lives. They are not only driving economic growth but also serving as the main sources of help for addressing social issues and enhancing national and corporate competitiveness across the globe. With the Corona virus the world is facing great economic crisis and challenges including Mauritius and I would like to emphasize two things in particular. The first one is to understand that all visions and plans of OTAM to face the challenges of the year 2020, is ultimately aimed at improving the people’s lives and the quality of life. Every new challenge entails difficulties. No matter what they are, we have to wade through them with the aim of improving quality of life for the people without marginalizing anyone. I’d like you to gather opportunities so that new technologies and new industries will contribute in serving all the communities. The second one is interaction with those professionals directly involved. The competitiveness of technology, telecommunications and the media industry comes from innovation, and the capacity for innovation lies in the fields where those professionals work. Researchers, developers, creators and producers must be able to fully demonstrate their creativity and the innovative spirit to take on challenges and OTAM will act as a facilitator to sustain innovation in Mauritius and encourage all the important actors in the industry to operate peacefully in the industry with the help of the government.

Thank You.